International Class Constitution


The International Farr 30 Class Association

The name of the Class Association shall be The International Farr 30 Class Association (“The Class

The objectives of the Association are:
(a) To encourage cost-effective, fun sailing while promoting Class Association One Design racing
(b) To maintain and protect the one-design integrity of the Class Association and its rules Worldwide.
(c) In accordance with the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the International Sailing Federation,
to provide a structure for management and for exchange of information among Class Association
One Design boat owners and sailors.
(d) To co-ordinate the calendar of events and to organize, or appoint organizers for continental and
world championships where appropriate.
(e) To liaise with regional and national class associations to promote local sailing, determine schedules
and maintain one-design Class Association integrity, as per Section 18.

3.1 The headquarters of the Class Association shall be in a location most convenient for the President or the
Secretary and shall be determined by the World Council.

4.1 Membership is open to all owners who have paid the prescribed annual Membership dues, and whose boat
has a current, valid One Design Certificate. Only these Members may vote, attend meetings and hold office.
Boats with more than one owner are entitled to one vote per boat. Owners with more than one boat shall
pay dues for each boat, and may cast one vote for each boat.
4.2 The Members shall be bound by this Constitution, and any properly made amendments thereto.
4.3 Membership, along with all rights and privileges shall be discontinued during any period of unpaid
membership dues or other delinquent payments due to the Class Association.
4.4 A member may be suspended by the World Council for
(a) committing an unlawful act in relation to the Class Association or one of its members; or
(b) any unsportsmanlike conduct contrary to the interest of the members of the Class Association; or
(c) intentional violation of the Class Association Rules.
4.5 Life Membership may be presented to any person who has contributed a significant amount of personal time
and effort for the development and success of the Class Association over a number of years. Any such
person shall be nominated to and voted on by the World Council. Life members shall not be required to pay a subscription, unless they are also a current boat owner, but shall have the same full voting rights as ordinary members of the Class Association.

5.1 The Members delegate responsibility for the day-to-day management and administration of the affairs,
activities and property of the Class Association to the World Council in accordance with the objects of the
Association and policy decisions made by the Members at General Meetings.
5.2 The World Council may delegate to any one or more of its number such powers and duties as it shall

6.1 The following officers and up to two (2) at-large members shall form the World Council (“World Council”):
a) President
b) Vice President
c) Treasurer
d) The Management Group* representative
e) Class Secretary
*The Management Group is made up of Stagg Yachts, Inc. (Holder of Manufacturing License), a Builders
representative and a representative of Farr Yacht Design, Inc. (Designer).
6.2 With the exception of the Class Secretary, all members of the World Council must be Members of the Class
6.3 The President, Vice President and Treasurer shall be elected by the Members in accordance with clause 16
of this Constitution. The World Council shall appoint up to two (2) at-large members, whose appointment
shall be subject to ratification by the Members at the next General Meeting. In appointing at-large members,
the World Council shall take account of the geographic distribution of Class Association Sanctioned One
Design racing and should reflect that distribution in its decisions.
6.4 The Class Secretary shall be appointed by the World Council at such times and on terms and conditions
determined by it.
6.5 In the event that vacancies shall occur on the World Council between General Meetings the remaining World
Council members may appoint such Member as they shall consider fit. Members so appointed shall remain
in office until the next General Meeting.
6.6 The Class Secretary shall:
a) carry out the duties imposed on him/her by these rules;
b) carry out all tasks as reasonably required by the World Council such as but not limited to
administration of the Class Association’s activities, maintenance of subscription records and register
of members;
c) keep minutes of all World Council and General Meetings and shall be responsible for giving due
notice to all relevant persons of such meetings. The Secretary will communicate the decisions of
the World Council to such persons as the World Council shall direct.
6.7 The Treasurer shall maintain the funds of the Class Association in a manner approved by the World Council.
He/she shall present a budget for the coming year at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).

7.1 World Council meetings shall be held on such occasions and places as shall be appropriate to efficiently
carry out the business of the Class Association and:
(a) are called by the President;
(b) or have been decided by a previous meeting of the World Council.
7.2 The Class Secretary shall give at least three weeks notice of World Council meetings, however, meetings
may be held without notice if a majority of the World Council agrees to waive notice, in writing.
7.3 World Council Meetings may be held by email or teleconference
7.4 A majority of voting members of the World Council shall form a quorum.
7.5 The President shall chair all meetings at which he is present. In his absence, the Vice President shall chair.
If neither is present the members present shall elect from amongst themselves a chairman.
7.6 Each member of the World Council shall be entitled to one vote with the following exception:
(a) The President shall have a second and casting vote should there be a tie.
(b) The Secretary shall not be entitled to vote.
7.7 Taking into consideration 7.6 above, decisions of the World Council shall be taken by resolutions, duly made
and seconded, and shall be passed by a simple majority of the votes cast.

8.1 The ITC shall be comprised of a Chairman, who shall be a Member of the World Council appointed by
the World Council, an Owner appointed by the World Council and the Management Group.
8.2 The ITC shall be responsible for monitoring the use and enforcement of Class Rules and developing and
proposing corrections and improvements to the Class Rules, all in close cooperation with the
Management Group.
8.3 Proposals for any alteration or amendment to the Class Rules shall be submitted in writing to the
Technical Committee.
8.4 The ITC, working closely with the Management Group, shall consider proposals, and may amend and/or
submit them with rationale and recommendation to the World Council, for consideration at the AGM
8.5 Amendments to the Class Rules proposed by the Technical Committee for consideration and adoption at
the Annual General Meeting, shall have been submitted to the Members in writing accompanying the
notice of meeting, and shall be approved for adoption only by a Special Resolution. Notwithstanding this
procedure, no amendment to Class Rules shall be adopted for submission to the World Council and the
ISAF without the specific approval of the Management Group, which shall hold the absolute right of veto
of Class rule amendment. Class rule amendments shall not come into effect until approved by the World
Council and the ISAF.
8.6 No amendment, interpretation, or revision of the Manufacturing Specification, whether submitted by the
World Council, Regional Associations, or Class Technical Committee, shall become effective without the
prior written approval of the Management Group.

9.1 Each Class Association Member or Life Member, members of the Management Group or others invited by
the World Council shall be entitled to attend an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting
(SGM) of the Class Association.
9.2 An AGM shall be held annually in such place and time as the World Council may consider most convenient
to the majority of the members.
9.3 A SGM shall be called by the Secretary:
(a) On resolution of the World Council, but subject to clause 9.4, or
(b) Forthwith, on receipt by the Secretary of, (but not more than six weeks after) a written request from
not less than ten Members for a Special General Meeting. A meeting so called may only consider
those matters included in the written request for such SGM.
9.4 At least four weeks Written Notice, in writing, shall be given by the Secretary to the Members of the Annual
or any Special General Meeting together with a copy of the agenda for the meeting and of any resolutions
which have been proposed. Only Matters included in the Written Notice of meeting shall be voted upon at
any Annual or Special General Meeting.
9.5 The chairman at any General Meeting shall be the President, or in his absence, the Vice President. If neither
is present, the meeting shall elect a chairman.
9.6 Each Class Association Member shall be entitled to one vote at a General Meeting, one vote per boat.
Votes shall be submitted in person or by mail or fax as directed in the Written Notice.
9.7 Voting at General Meetings shall (unless otherwise required by this constitution) be by simple majority of the
votes cast, provided that in the event of a tied vote the chairman of the Meeting shall have a casting vote.
9.8 Eight Members shall form a quorum at General Meetings.
9.9 A resolution to alter the Class Association rules or Class Association constitution at a General Meeting shall
require for passage that 75% or more of the votes cast are in favor of adoption.

10.1 The Class Association shall be funded by:
(a) Membership Dues;
(b) Revenue from sail buttons;
(c) Sponsorship monies or other sources.
10.2 The Class Association's subscription year for Membership Dues shall run from January 1 to December 31.
10.3 The Membership Dues Schedule shall be decided from time to time by the World Council. The
implementation of such Membership Dues Schedule shall be implemented January 1 of the year following
the announcement of such change.
10.4 All other fees charged by the Class Association, such as those for services provided at events, professional
or other, shall be decided by the World Council.

11 FUNDS, ACCOUNTS AND EXPENSES                                                                                              11.1 The funds of the Class Association shall be maintained by the Treasurer in a manner approved by the World
11.2 Books shall be kept that show assets and liabilities of the Class Association in addition to receipt and
expenditure of funds.
11.3 A statement of accounts for the preceding year shall be prepared for the AGM.
11.4 The reasonable expenses of the World Council members in meeting their obligations under this Constitution
shall be payable out of the funds of the Class Association.

12.1 All events shall be organized in accordance with the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and the Class Association
12.2 Boat owners shall be members of the Class Association before racing in a Class Association sanctioned
12.3 Venues for World Championships and other International Class Association National events shall be
selected by the World Council in consultation with the Management Group.
12.4 The World Council, and the Management Group shall work together to maximize revenue from television and sponsorship rights relating to the World Championship and other International Class Association events. Any
agreements entered into relating to such rights shall be mutually agreed by the World Council, and the
Management Group and all parties must be signatories to any such agreement.

13.1 Class Association One Design measurement certificates shall be issued by the Chief Measurer.
13.2 No yacht shall be considered a Class Association One Design boat under this Constitution unless it holds a
valid measurement certificate.
13.3 No yacht shall race in a Class Association One Design event unless it holds a valid measurement certificate.

14.1 The Class Association Constitution and the Class Association rules may only be amended by a special
resolution of which notice has been duly given and which is duly proposed and passed at a General meeting
in accordance with the foregoing rules.
14.2 Rule Interpretations shall be issued by the Management Group after consultation with the Chief Measurer.
14.3 The World Council may make changes in the Class Rules and Constitution to conform to ISAF regulations.
14.4 Amendments to Sections 8.4, 8.5 or 8.6 or the Class contract with ISAF shall not be amended without the
prior written consent of the Management Group.

15.1 Members of the World Council shall not be obliged to do any of the things required of them by this
Constitution if the Class Association is unable to pay the reasonable costs and expenses                                  15.2 In the execution of their powers and duties under this Constitution no officer or other member of the WorldCouncil shall be liable for any loss to any of the members or former members of the Class Association or tothe assets of the Association by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith such officer or
member of the World Council or for any other matter other than willful and individual wrongdoing, wrongful
omission or fraud on the part of the person who is sought to be made liable.

16.1 A Nominating Committee appointed by the World Council shall propose a slate of nominees for Officers
of the World Council. In doing its work, the Nominating Committee shall take account of the geographic
distribution of Class Association One Design racing and reflect that distribution in its slate of nominees.
16.2 Nominations for the Officers standing for election to the World Council shall be submitted in writing to the
Secretary by the Nominating Committee. All nominations must be received in writing by the Secretary six
weeks before a General Meeting.
16.3 Members of the World Council shall be elected for a term of office of two years. Normally, consecutive
service will be limited to three terms, but if the Nominating Committee nominates a Member for additional
terms, and the Class Association elects him or her, service may be extended. To encourage orderly
turnover, the Nominating Committee may nominate some WC members for 1 year terms.
16.4 Each Class Association Member (one per boat) and Life Member shall be entitled to one vote. Voting
will take place in accordance with section 9 above.
16.5 The elected officers shall assume full powers at the conclusion of the General Meeting at which their election
takes place. Officers and World Council Members serving under the former Class Constitution shall serve
until their successors are elected

17.1 The appointment of the Chief Measurer shall be made by the Technical Committee and the Management
17.2 The Chief Measurer may appoint additional Class Association measurers as needed. These
appointments are subject to the approval of the Technical Committee and the Management Group.
Owners shall not be appointed as Class Association Measurers.

18.1 Regional Fleets shall abide by the Class Association Constitution and Class Association Rules.
18.2 All participants in Regional Fleet racing shall be Members of the Class Association.
18.3 Regional Fleet Captain(s) and a Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer shall endeavor to:
a) set regional schedules;
b) encourage fleet owners to participate in Class and Regional events;
c) work with the Class Secretary to administer registration at regional events;
d) organize regional championships;
e) communicate with the World Council and the Class Secretary regarding regional concerns and
Class Rule issues;
f) maintain local subscription/sponsorship accounts;
g) coordinate with neighboring regions regarding schedules; and
h) maintain and promote the one-design integrity of the Class Association
18.4 Elections and Terms of office for Regional Fleet Officers
a) Fleet Captains and Fleet Secretary/Treasurers shall be elected for a term of one year based on an email ballot sent to all registered Regional Fleet Members who are also Class Association Members.
The Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer shall send ballots in November of each year. Only Regional
Fleet Members that are current Class Association Members and boat owners shall be eligible to
serve as Fleet Officers or participate in email voting for election of Regional Fleet Officers. Each
boat shall be entitled to one vote if the owner is a current Class Association Member.
b) Regional Fleet Officers shall be chosen from those Regional Fleet Members offering to serve and
having made written notice to the Fleet Secretary/Treasurer by October 31 of each year of their
willingness to serve. The slate of candidates for each Regional Fleet Officer position shall be
emailed to each Regional Fleet Member by the Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer at least two
weeks in advance of the mailing of email ballots. Valid email ballots returned by qualifying Regional
Fleet Members and received by the Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer prior to November 30 of
each year shall be counted in the election of Regional Fleet Officers.
c) Elected Officers shall be determined by a count of ballots received by the Regional Fleet
Secretary/Treasurer. Elected candidates for each Regional Officers position shall be those
receiving the most votes cast in the election.
d) In the event that a new Regional Fleet Captain or new Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer is not
elected, prior Regional Fleet Officers shall continue in office until their successors are elected,
e) In the event of dispute or contested results from an election of Regional Fleet Officers or the failure
of the Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer to conduct elections, upon petition in writing from 5
Regional Fleet Members the Class Secretary, shall conduct a new election using the procedures
described above,
f) Following the election of Regional Fleet Officers, the Regional Fleet Secretary/Treasurer shall
advise the Class Secretary of the results and Class Association records shall be updated by the
Class Secretary.
18.5 Regional Fleet Dues shall be set for each calendar year (Jan 1 to December 31) by each Regional Fleet at
such amounts as may be recommended by Regional Fleet Officers and approved in a majority vote of
Regional Fleet Members in an email vote conducted in November of each year.
18.6 All Regional Fleet participants in Regional Fleet One Design racing shall be Members of the Class
Association and the Regional Fleet prior to participating in any Class Association sanctioned One Design
18.7 Only Regional Fleet Members who have paid the prescribed Class Association and Regional Fleet dues may
vote in any Regional Election, attend Regional Fleet Meetings and/or hold office.
18.8 Additional Regional Fleet regulations may be added or amended but only with the approval of the World
Council. Regional Fleet Regulations shall not conflict with the Class Constitution or any Class Association

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