Rule Changes Approved by ISAF and Effective January 1, 2003

ISAF has just approved the following Farr 30 Rule changes, to be effective on the dates notes. Please update your rule books, and remember that a current copy of the Class Rule and One Design certificate should be carried on board while racing. The currently approved Class Rule is also posted on the Class website,

Best wishes for your 2003 racing season.

Renee Mehl Farr 30 Class Secretary

Effective 1 April, 2003:

Rule 25.4 Delete current rule and Replace with:

"Construction-spinnakers of Cuben Fibre material or in which carbon fibres have been incorporated in the sail cloth shall not be measured, rated or carried aboard while racing. Carbon Fibre cloth shall be permitted in mainsails and headsails (except the Class heavy weather jib conforming to ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and any storm sails) beginning 1 April, 2003. Cloth containing PBO fibre shall be banned from use in the construction of any sail built and buttoned for Class racing on or after 1 April 2003".

Effective 1st January 2003

Rule 25.5 Delete Present and insert

"SAIL LIMITATION - In addition to the base inventory outlined in Rule 25.1, each yacht is permitted four new class sails per calendar year (January 1-December31) to be used in Farr 30 One Design Class events. In addition, the Farr 30 Class fractional spinnaker may be replaced at any time. Each sail shall be registered with Farr International or the RORC Rating Office and shall be marked with the appropriate button purchased by the owner, and supplied by Farr International or the RORC Rating Office. Buttons shall be purchased for US $30.00 each for the original inventory, and US $30.00 each for the additional four allowed annually, and for the fractional spinnaker, if replaced. Unless otherwise specified in the Sailing Instructions, each yacht shall register no more than the base inventory outlined in 25.1 and shall use only those registered sails for the duration of the regatta. Charterers who do not own a Farr 30 may purchase an original inventory, plus four buttons per year, and transfer sails to different chartered boats. Charterers and Farr 30 owners who charter are permitted to transfer their own sails to a chartered boat, or may use sails registered to the chartered boat, but may not combine inventories. Farr 30 owners cannot charter a boat and purchase a set of charter sails. Farr 30 owners with multiple boats cannot transfer sail inventories from boat to boat. Transfer of boat ownership to either immediate family members or a non-racing owner to increase sail entitlements is not permitted. Swapping of boat ownership between Farr 30 owners to increase sail entitlement is not permitted. Should a sail be destroyed during a regatta, the owner of the boat or a representative from that boat may apply to the Race Committee for a replacement sail to be registered in place of the destroyed sail".

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